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Bronze is a metallic alloy that has been used by humans for thousands of years. It is known for its hardness, durability, and ability to hold a sharp edge, which made it a popular choice for a wide variety of uses, from tools and weapons to art and decoration.

Composition and Properties

Bronze is primarily made of copper, with roughly 12% tin typically added, though the exact amount can vary depending on the desired properties. Other elements, such as phosphorus, manganese, aluminum, or silicon, can also be added to create bronze with specific characteristics. The addition of these elements to copper improves its hardness, melting temperature, and durability.

Bronze has a dull-gold color and is resistant to corrosion from seawater and moisture. It's also a good conductor of heat and electricity. Despite its hardness, it's a malleable material, which means it can be manipulated into complex shapes, making it an excellent material for sculpture and casting.

Historical Facts and Figures

Bronze has been used by various civilizations for thousands of years. The Bronze Age, which occurred at different times in different parts of the world but generally ranged from around 3300 to 1200 B.C., was named for the development of this metal alloy. This period marked the first time humans began to work extensively with metal.

Bronze was first used in the Near East and the Balkans. In China, the Shang Dynasty (c. 1600–1046 B.C.) is particularly well-known for its elaborate bronze vessels.


One of the most common uses of bronze is for casting statues and sculptures. Famous bronze sculptures include "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin, the "Statue of Liberty" which is covered in a layer of copper, and "Charging Bull" in Wall Street, New York City.

Bronze is also used in the production of various goods, including springs, bearings, bushings, automobile transmission pilot bearings, and as a major component in brass. It's also used in making bells and cymbals, due to its exceptional acoustic properties.

It's also worth noting that 'bronze' is a term used in different contexts, like in the Olympic Games, where a bronze medal is awarded for third place, or 'bronzing' in the context of skin exposure to the sun or application of certain cosmetic products.

In summary, bronze is a versatile and historically significant material that continues to be widely used in various sectors of modern society.

Bronze Sculptures
Modern Sculpture - The Surrealist Angel - Salvador Dali Modern Sculpture - The Surrealist Angel -...
€599.00 *
Article number: BSXN-2546
Surreal Modern Art Bronze Sculpture - Space Elephant - Salvador Dali Surreal Modern Art Bronze Sculpture -...
€599.00 *
Article number: BSXN-2547
The Anthropomorphic Cabinet - signed - Salvador Dali - Bronze Statue The Anthropomorphic Cabinet - signed -...
€599.00 *
Article number: BSXN-2551
Sunbeam - Motorcyclist - Signed Otakar Švec - Limited Edition Sunbeam - Motorcyclist - Signed Otakar...
€4,499.00 *
Article number: RL-416
Broken Man XXL - Large Statue - Height: 128 cm - Limited Broken Man XXL - Large Bronze Statue -...
€11,999.00 *
Article number: RL-412
The Ease of Being - Signed Milo - Limited Bronze Sculpture The Ease of Being - Signed Milo - Limited...
€399.00 *
Article number: RL-417
Limited Female Silhouette - Abstract Bronze Sculpture - Signed Limited Female Silhouette - Abstract...
€999.00 *
Article number: RL-418
Balloon Dog - Silver - Signed Jeff Koons - Contemporary Bronze Balloon Dog - Silver - Signed -...
€999.00 *
Article number: RL-422y
Three-piece Wall Sculpture - Life-size Torso - Modern Nude Three-piece Wall Sculpture - Life-size...
€6,999.00 *
Article number: RL-361
Sensual Female Nude with Golden Ball - Limited Bronze Statue Sensual Female Nude with Golden Ball -...
€2,999.00 *
Article number: RL-411
Limited Bronze Statue - Modern Bull Sculpture by Martin Klein Limited Bronze Statue - Modern Bull...
€499.00 *
Article number: RL-413
Samurai with Sword - Limited Bronze Statue by Milo Samurai with Sword - Limited Bronze Statue...
€399.00 *
Article number: RL-429
Limited Steampunk Pig - Bronze Statue Pilot by Martin Klein Limited Steampunk Pig - Bronze Statue...
€299.00 *
Article number: RL-433
Resting Hare - Numbered Bronze Animal Figurine - Signed Milo Resting Hare - Numbered Bronze Animal...
€299.00 *
Article number: RL-427
The Cello Player (1912–1913) - Otto Gutfreund - Bronze Statue - Cellista The Cello Player (1912–1913) - Otto...
€2,199.00 *
Article number: RL-419
Borneo Orangutan Bust - Large Monkey Head - Animal Figurine - Milo Borneo Orangutan Bust - Large Monkey Head...
€3,699.00 *
Article number: RL-420
Homoerotic Bronze Statue - Belligerence - Signed Milo Homoerotic Bronze Statue - Belligerence -...
€499.00 *
Article number: RL-430
George Washington Statue - Bronze Figurine - Signed Milo George Washington Statue - Bronze Figurine...
€399.00 *
Article number: RL-423
Martin Luther Statue - Vintage Bronze Figurine - Signed Milo Martin Luther Statue - Vintage Bronze...
€289.00 *
Article number: RL-428
Erotic Nude - Mermaid - Water Nymph - Bronze Figurine signed Erotic Nude - Mermaid - Water Nymph -...
€499.00 *
Article number: RL-432
Forest Spirit - Bronze Wall Relief - Tree Spirit - Signed Milo Forest Spirit - Bronze Wall Relief - Tree...
€229.00 *
Article number: RL-431
Leonardo Da Vinci Bust - Limited Bronze Statue - Signed Milo Leonardo Da Vinci Bust - Limited Bronze...
€499.00 *
Article number: RL-435
The Anthropomorphic Cabinet - Bronze Statue by Salvador Dali The Anthropomorphic Cabinet - Bronze...
€1,399.00 *
Article number: RL-415
The Creation of Adam - Bronze Statue by Michelangelo The Creation of Adam - Bronze Statue by...
€399.00 *
Article number: RL-426
Bondage Statue - Erotic Girl Dakota - Bronze Nude - J. Patoue Bondage Statue - Erotic Girl Dakota -...
€399.00 *
Article number: RL-425