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Profile of Time (1977) - Limited Bronze Sculpture - Salvador Dali Profile of Time (1977) - Limited Bronze...
€799.00 *
Article number: EPA-199
Vienna Bronze - Crocodile with Virgin - Tripartite - Bergmann Stamp Vienna Bronze - Crocodile with Virgin -...
€279.00 *
Article number: WW-10
Steampunk Owl / Eagle Owl / Bird - Animal Figurine - signed M. Klein Steampunk Owl / Eagle Owl / Bird - Animal...
€299.00 *
Article number: RL-390
Art Deco - Crocodile Table - A. Stevens - Whiskey Table - Crocodile Figurine Art Deco - Crocodile Table - A. Stevens -...
€4,999.00 *
Article number: HD-002
Indian With Bow - Iroquois - Indian Bronze Warrior - Remington Indian With Bow - Iroquois - Indian Bronze...
€1,499.00 *
Article number: SM-391
Fauno Danzante from Pompeji - Bronze Dancing Faun - Sign. Milo Fauno Danzante from Pompeji - Bronze...
€349.00 *
Article number: RL-368
Hand painted Vienna Bronze - Arabian Crocodile Hunters - Bergmann Hand painted Vienna Bronze - Arabian...
€599.00 *
Article number: RL-382
Blowjob Statue - Sex Bronze - Erotic Pair of Lovers - Signed M.Nick Blowjob Statue - Sex Bronze - Erotic Pair...
€599.00 *
Article number: ST-095
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High quality works of art

Periodically, we expand our extensive selection with new sculptures. In doing so, we place a great deal of importance on the quality of our products. All of our bronze figurines are produced with the help of the elaborate lost wax technique and are constantly checked for their high quality. We monitor every single one of the more than 40 steps of this procedure in order to get the best results.

Choose from an extensive assortment of goods

If we are content with the result of this arduous procedure, the products are incorporated into our online shop. Every month you can find new products from a wide array of categories like Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Contemporary Art or Bronze Military Statues in our online shop. Furthermore, we also offer the famous Viennese Erotic Nudes as a part of our large selection of products. In the case of those Erotic Nudes, the devil can literally be found in the detail, as a lot of those exclusive and erotic bronze sculptures are detailed depictions of mythical creatures like the satyr. Yet also the more ordinary portrayals of women, men or couples in erotic poses belong to our popular assortment. Aside from different bronze figurines, our array of products also includes Tiffany lamps and marble bases which are great eye-catchers or which could be used as exhibition spaces for our bronze sculptures.

Acquire masterpieces by experienced artists

Our exclusive products come from artists like Milo, Botero, Degas or Klimt. All of our unique bronze sculptures are produced in limited quantities and can only be purchased at our shop. A new bronze sculpture in our shop is the result of weeks of vigorous work at our foundry and the masterly performance of our craftsmen. Every single bronze statue is characterised by its beauty and uniqueness. A bronze figurine from our shop enriches your collection with a rare item.

A heart for animals

For the animal lovers among bronze enthusiasts, we offer a wide arrange of bronze Animal Sculptures which is constantly being extended with new products. In our assortment you can find everything from domestic animals, for example a sculpture of a dog, to the more exotic inhabitants of Africa like the bronze figurine of an elephant. Additionally, our range of products also includes several bronze sculptures of animals that are native to Northern Europe.

Contemporary Art in your home

If you prefer the art of modernity, you will surely find one or two highlights in our Contemporary Art category. With a large amount of impressive bronze sculptures and paintings by great artists, you will be offered a choice that can only be made by using the unique and great taste of a bronze statue connoisseur. But thanks to the large assortment and the continually new line of products, we have been able to help everyone in finding their favoured exhibit at our Bronze Shop.

Decorate your garden

If your own garden is supposed to become an oasis of well-being, Garden Sculptures can perfect the design of one's own green kingdom. Garden Sculptures can easily be incorporated into various design concepts and will always function as true eye-catchers. Over time and with the help of wind and weather, nature will give the sculptures a beautiful patina which turns every sculpture into a unique piece. A bronze statue will complete your garden.

Historical peculiarities - Military Statues

Are you an admirer of great historical figures? In our online shop you are able to take your idol home with you. Experience the graceful charisma of great personalities first-hand. Our online shop offers you several different statues of important historic figures. When you buy a bust, you also buy a piece of commemorative culture. Erect a memorial in your living room in order to express your appreciation for an important historical figure.

Aestheticism, religion and mythology are united in Greek Sculptures

As a lover of the antiquity and ancient mythology, you will find what you are looking for in our shop. Aesthetics and idealism form a harmonic union in a Greek statue or a figurine from Italy. In our shop you can purchase antique figurines in order to decorate your home or allow them to unfold their deeper meaning. As an example, you could buy and exhibit a Justitia to commemorate the values of the judiciary, justice and order, and to find pleasure in the artistic beauty of the figure at the same time.

Do you have any more questions? - Please contact us for more information!

Do you have more questions about our paintings or bronze products? On the individual category pages you can find more information. If there is still something else you want to know, feel free to contact us! We will gladly give you additional information.