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Bronze Bodybuilder Figurine Arni - Trophy - Signed Milo Bronze Bodybuilder Figurine Arni - Trophy...
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Article number: RL-352
Bronze Cup - The Football Players - signed Milo Bronze Cup - The Football Players - signed...
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Article number: EP-767
Cup / Sports Trophy - The Golfer - Made of Bronze - signed Milo Cup / Sports Trophy - The Golfer - Made of...
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Article number: EP-779
Cup / Sports Trophy Golf Player - signed Milo Cup / Sports Trophy Golf Player - signed...
€299.00 *
Article number: EP-727
Bronze Cup - Female Volleyball Player - signed Milo Bronze Cup - Female Volleyball Player -...
€249.00 *
Article number: EP-728
Bronze Sports Trophy - The Football Player - signed Milo Bronze Sports Trophy - The Football Player...
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Article number: EP-737
Bronze Cup on marble base - Tennis Player - signed Milo Bronze Cup on marble base - Tennis Player...
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Article number: EP-726
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Cups - Sports Trophies - Buy Trophies and Medals

A trophy is, similar to medals, a way to honour someone. This can be done with the help of sports trophies that are awarded for extraordinary and outstanding athletic performances, but trophies can also be awarded for individual works or scientific achievements. Trophies are certainly the right way to honour and commemorate such occasions. The trophy does not only acknowledge the performance that was given but also the time and effort that was put into achieving this goal beforehand. Especially in the field of sports, people often work hard and disciplined for years in order to one day get a certain award. In order to win an important athletic competition, one often first has to reach several smaller milestones. Achieving them might also take several months or even years. Football trophies, for example, honour the tireless work a football team has put into achieving this goal.

Cups as drinking vessels for special moments

Nowadays it has almost been forgotten that a cup, in contrast to medals, originally had nothing to do with an award ceremony. Many centuries ago, a cup was used as a drinking vessel. However, this function nearly disappeared nowadays. The term "cup" comes from the Late Latin "cuppa". It is assumed that the first cups were invented in order to transport or store liquids and alcoholic beverages. Even then a cup was a special item. Over time, cups were more frequently made of precious materials like metals or glass and have been lavishly decorated. Cups have not been used as drinking vessels for any mundane reason, just like medals have not been awarded on any ordinary occasion.

Cups as presents for exceptional people

During the Middle Ages, particularly precious and rare metals like gold or silver have already been used for the production of cups, just as it is the case with medals. The embellishment also took on increasingly excessive shapes. Thus, valuable jewels and other precious materials like ivory or glass were soon incorporated into the production of cups. This way, they more and more functioned like medals. Now, cups have nothing to do with their former function as drinking vessels any more. Especially during the 16th century, this development was pushed to the extreme, which led to the fact that cups were then given to servants and friends as rewards for special deeds. This tradition has probably led to the fact that nowadays, extraordinary performances are acknowledged by awarding a cup. This way, cups turned into trophies.

Use cups to show your appreciation of special persons

Cups and medals play an important role in our society, as they are not only nice to look at and are therefore an invaluable addition to any home, but they also emphasise the outstanding talent of the award winner to any possible guest. Thus, if you want to show your appreciation to a friend or relative by honouring them with a cup, or if you want to record one of your own achievements in a classy way, one of our many bronze cups might be just right for you. In our shop you can find numerous cups and trophies online that could be just what you are looking for. If you want to personalise your cups, we can also add an engraving or an emblem to the trophies. If you simply want to purchase a cup without an emblem because you want to also give away a medal, just pick your desired items and put them in the shopping cart to order them. The cups will then soon arrive at your place without an engraving or emblem.

Award the winners of your sports event with a trophy

Your sports club holds a tournament and you want to buy trophies and medals online? The winners of your event surely deserve extraordinary awards and cups. At our shop you can purchase the fitting cups. A depiction of the kind of sport in the form of figurines is not only aesthetic and special. For golf trophies, for example, the depiction of a golf player would be fitting. On the shelf, cups and medals are eye-catchers and people can see right away for which kind of sport the trophy was awarded. We offer you a wide range of different bronze cups as an addition or an alternative to medals, which you can easily buy online. If for any reason we should not have the right trophy for you, just get in touch with us so we can provide you with cups that are adorned with the figurines that you had in mind. We can also create cups according to your wishes. Just tell us about your ideas, at our shop you can order unique cups as well. An engraving turns your cup into something special and will always remind your winner of their victory. Of course we can also engrave your cups and trophies for you in our shop.

Just order in the shop

Our bronze figurines as cups or trophies for special achievements are time and time again popular alternatives to medals. Just order your awards and cups, considering our terms and conditions, by putting your desired items into the shopping cart. The prices of the cups are inclusive of VAT, plus the costs for shipping and packaging. You can read up on the costs of shipping your cups in the delivery and handling charges. Data protection is important to us. Thus, the data you provide in the shopping cart are only used for the handling of your order of awards.