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Jean-Joseph Marie Carries

Art Nouveau Bronze Character Head - Faunus - after Jean Carries
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Jean-Joseph Marie Carriès (1855-1894) was a famous French sculptor and ceramist of the late 19th Century. He is considered the founder of the Art Nouveau.

Carriès grew up under modest circumstances. His father was a shoemaker in Lyon. After losing his parents, he grew up in a Roman Catholic orphanage. Here he lived until the beginning of his studies in 1868. He studied with the famous artist Pierre Vermare, who advised him to apply for a place at the École des Beaux -Arts. There he led from 1874 to study under Augustin -Alexandre Dumont continued.

In 1875 Jean Joseph Marie Carries exhibited at the Salon de Paris. His exhibition was a success. Thereupon, the sculptor participated regularly at the Salon until 1881. After his military service in the years 1876 to 1878 in Lyon, he opened his own studio in Paris. He became friend with Pierre Bingen, a well-known bronze caster, in 1883 and learned how to create Patina for his bronze sculptures.
The following years were marked by exhibitions at Champ-de-Mars as well as at the Cercle d’Art. In 1892 he got honoured with the Knight of the legion of honour. This Order of Merit was once first time donated on May 19, 1802 by Napoléon Bonaparte. The order of Merit honours talented and virtuous humans, who got honoured because of special military or civil services.

Two years after Carriès got honoured, he contracted pleurisy; he also died because of pleurisy on the first of June 1849 at the age of 39. The ceramicist, sculptor and co-founder of Art Nouveau got buried on the cemetery “Père Lachaise”.

Some of the best known works are Grenouillard“ (1892), „Masque d’horreur“(1891/1892), „Loyse Labé“(1890), „Le mineur de la Loire“ (1886) and „Charles ler d’Angleterre (1881-1883) all exhibited at the Musée d’Orsay.


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